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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So I go to take hte boys to school this morning and i notice the front sprinklers are on.. Weird I think. Kenny musta changed the timers. So I take them to school come back grab Evans sax and take it to him come back again and they are still on. I notice one of them is sprinkling the sidewalk so I jog over hoping to fix it before they shut off (it had to be close to time by now) and adjust it so its only on the grass. At which point I notice the gallons of water running down thesidewalk into the gutter , the gutter full in both directions and my dirt area a giant puddle. And think thats not right its only suppose to be on for 5 minutes a pop. So I go look at the timer. Its off. It was set for 10-12 pm last night at which point I think stupid thing got stuck on so I turn the entire timer off .. nothing I turn on a different section of sprinklers they come on but the others didnt turn off. So I shut the timer back down unplug it.. nothing.. plug it back in and think ahh poop walk around and shut off the main line. and they finally freaking turn off. turned it back on n on they came... sigh So here I sit with no water in my house all stinking day untill Kenny can get home n figure out whats wrong with it. And since its the strangest looking valve I've ever seen (I am thinking maybe the real valve is burired and I am just looking at some strange line to it) Who knows how long itl be till it is fixed.. I hope none of the kids need to go #2! Anyone wanna pop on by n fix them for me?? LOL its only a few minutes HAHAHAHA
Oh yeah and Evan has scouts tonight we are doing the raingutter regatta. Sigh.. When it rains it pours or puddles lol

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oh my we had that happen one time, absolutley no reason could be found but we finally got it off. I dont recall how.

By Blogger Sue, at 5/20/08, 8:17 PM  

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