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Monday, June 16, 2008


We also got 1 of these
from the Home Depot when we were there. Because my veggies have aphids. We had to take 2 vehicles to depot (as 20 bags of mulch werent fitting in my car on any ol day)E and J ended up driving back in the truck with daddy. Which of course horribly upset C and K. who both proceeded to cry. So on the walk from the truck to my suv I told K she cold hold the lady bugs on the drive home. Which she thought was great. I told C he could help me let them go later on. So I get K buckled into her seat. Go to lay the bag of bugs on her lap and tell her how not to hold it. AND she FREAKED out. NO MOMMY NO I DON"T WANT THEM TO TOUCH ME! As she was giggling too. So I have her just hold the corner of hte paper on the top. since she didnt want to hold the netting either. (Lucky bugs) At this point she is kinda half freaked kinda got a low growly whine screetch every few seconds lol. BUT she was NOT going to NOT hold them. LOL So about halfway home she had enough and started freaking out I don't wanna hold em no mo mommy u take em take em take em take em. Silly girl.
So we had to keep them in the house untill the sun was no longer shining directly on the plants. Then we hosed the plants all off and cut the bag open and....
released em. Lady bugs everywhere. Kiara was helping for about 5 seconds then she ran screaming when a few flew towards her. She watched from the swings.. about 50 feet away.
untill they were all settled on the plants. Then she wanted to watch them walk around lol.
L though had no fear she just watched lol. There are still a bunch out there today. Eating away at the icky aphids.

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