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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Had her 4 month checkup yesterday. She is uhmmm 11 lbs 14 oz and uhmmm 23 1/4 (or half can't think) inches tall. She got 4 shots and some liquid vaccine. She is sad and whiny and yes the dr confirmed it teething. 'He said she will prob have 2 teeth within the next month. She has a stuffy nose. Remnants of the cold she has shared with me, and kiara. Though I seem to have it worse! Kiara only has the stuffed nose. I on the other hand have the swollen congested light headed head the stuffed nose sore throat cough and other random dizzyness. joy ... I went for a walk this morning me, my 5 kids and my friend Cristine and her 2 boys (D was in Kinder with J and his little bro K) who live around the corner from us. We are going to walk every morning or every other morning to get some excercize in. I oent forever at the scout hut today. Lord they know what days to pick to bug ya ta death! Sick me rowdy summer kids and they all want to talk to me. I have 3 loads of wash on my bed to fold and put away but every time I look at it my head wibbles. Leftovers for dinner to be honest not sure I can stand up long enough to cook anything. Been a tiring day. I have applied all over tarnation n back for a job and am going in tonight to apply in person at 2 or 3 other places. I will drug myself first so as to appear coherent. Wish me luck!

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Ok how much of a gain is that? not a lot, I am sure.
She is so teensy tiny, and so beautiful. Did he say how she is and how she looks and how progressed she is? Hey anyone that reads this, I called the other evening and she was laughing and laughing. So cute.

By Blogger Sue, at 6/4/08, 8:56 PM  

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