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Monday, June 30, 2008


How I love thee....... not! Woke up this am exhausted with a sore breast that hurt to nurse. Took a look n sure nuff swollen red hot hurting red lines all that good stuff. a short time later my head started hurting and I started getting hot flashes followed by the chills followed by a wonderful fever. It hit 103.5 not too awful. Ob called in a prescription for me but that entails driving and I am to dizzy to do that. Plus I am feeling somewhat better. 800mg motrin kicked in now I am sweaty from the fever breaking. Breast still red n sore though not quite as bad. I still have the headache and weakness and am hot n sweaty. My fever is down to 100.5 though so its all good. Just gotta keep on nursing. Today was one of them late days for Kenny it is 9:42 pm and he is probably just now leaving the office maybe. I did manage to catch up all the laundry in the house though that got away over the last week of smoke. I just didnt feel like doing much of anything. But it is all washed dried folded and put away. Every darn item. Cay hada bloody nose at night and noone knew till the next am. So I have some blood drips in the bathroom to clean up. But not today. Bending over makes my head explode. Well at least feel like it. I want to whack all my hair off its making me hot n itchy n more sweaty. grrrr.. I can't wait till friday. Kenny has Friday off, but works Saturday. It will be so great to see Sher n the kiddos. I think I am rambling now and i'm not sure if anything I typed made any sense. But if not hey thanks for reading this far! Happy Monday! And the last day of June!

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Eek i am so sorry!! I know you know the routine, but nurse on that side, hot compresses (and showers) and it should clear right up. Hope you are feeling better soon!

By Blogger Sheri, at 7/1/08, 5:04 AM  

I am so sorry. You will be better soon. What causes that? I wish I could run to the pharmacy for you.

By Blogger Sue or David, at 7/1/08, 8:09 AM  

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