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Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Monday

sore stiff almost sunburnt, thats me lol... But it feels great! I will have some pics to post later on. But I just wanted to pop on and say Happy Monday! And tell you somehting! We were cruising round town Saturday evening looking for a new resteraunt. (there was none sigh) And all of a sudden J yells out from the back seat in the most excited happy voice.. "LOOK! DEAD PEOPLE!" I about jumped outa my seat! Me and Kenny book look all around and seeeeeeeeeee A cemetery.. yup theres dead people there huh... Then we promptly bust up laughing. And yesterday while doing some yard work (pics to follow) The kids where doing stand up comedy for us. Cay(to E who was trying to get next to him) Looks at his hand and says "Hey! Your not on the list!" And Cay's joke? Why did the chicken cross the road? To get hit by a car!

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That sounds like so much fun. Stand up comdey huh? We have to get them lots of jokes.

By Blogger Sue or David, at 6/18/08, 1:06 PM  

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