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Sunday, June 22, 2008


We started on our front patio/porch area we are going to put in. We got the blocks here for it and started to pull up the rocks/plastic that is there. Alot more rocks then we thought lol. Need a couple more barrels to put them in. So it is paused till we get them. It is going to look awesome when we are done. Just gotta figure out what kind of shade feature to put there since the roof doesnt hang over thatarea. Why, I don't know. Stupidity on the builders part is all I can figure.

posted by Kristina @ |7:46 PM|


Wow we cant wait to see it, I know it will be great. cover you may want a trellis like Pergola cover. That would be nice. I want one on my patio but David says NO. I know it wont cost much, Ron can build it if he is able, (his back is out) adn I can get the material at Home Depot. Btt NO I will listen to my husband.

By Blogger Sue or David, at 6/22/08, 10:01 PM  

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