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Thursday, June 05, 2008


I was up coughing till midnight or so last night as Kenny said. But it wasn't a phlegmy cough or anything it is more of a sore dry scratchy annoyed throat cough. I finally caved and sucked down some Robitussin cough n cold. Which seemed to of done the trick! And Mom Leila is "beautiful perfect and wonderful" according to her dr. She dropped a little on the percentile chart but all my kids did and its genetics. He thinks shes the cows cream. And the droolmonster hero who will drool any and all bad guys and aliens to death. By the time he was done inspecting her she was drooled from mouth to diaper.. Ahhh teething. Anyway I went for a walk again today with my new buddy. Longer then yesterday .. yeah me. =) Apparently there is a 4th of July block party around the corner on my street! And we have been invited to join. I never knew it (as I can't see that part of the street from my house and ha we never drive around that night just sir in the yard n set em off! So that will be great fun. Tomorrow we are going to walk to a nearby park and have lunch there with the kids. Will be great fun. I need to take Evans Sax into the shop so it can get its routine maintenance. Which will take 2 or 3 weeks. I need to get supplies to make a Cub O matic box for the end of year advancements this coming Tuesday. Sunday we are going to spend a couple hours cleaning tables at the vet hall as our community project. (there are like 100 tables) I ended up not going to apply last night as ha I was all cold headed ya know dizzy twirly and unfocused. So we shall go tinight for sure! I gotta get it all done so I can get down to the important part of waiting and stressing and praying they need someone and it is me. Man I tried sop much last night before to calm my cough. cough drops vapor rub, a vicks vaporizor. I even put some vicks n my feet and covered in socks! but I guess since it isnt a phlegm cough it didnt help. I drank water I sprayed chloroseptic.. sigh PITB! I despise being sick. Anyway today I plan on resting on thecough and hoping I feel better! The house is straightened up beds are made. I should do some laundry but man it looks to heavy to lift. thats sad lol I will get all the laundry caught up tomorrow if I don't get it done today. I just hate folding.. hate it.

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No call backs yet huh?

By Blogger Sheri, at 6/6/08, 5:22 PM  

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