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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So I was sitting here today and C starts reading a word over my shoulder. So I take a paper and write a simple sentence on it. Caylum is a good boy. I ask him to read it to me and he says. Caylum is a good boy. Huh I think. So I continue writing random sentences and he continues to read them to me. He had issues with a few words like note. He said notE with a e sound and math he said matH with a h sound. Its hard figuring out the blended sounds and that dang silent E and long vowels. But other then that the boy can read. When Kenny got home I handed him a pen and paper and said write a sentence any sentence using easish words. He wrote The dog is blue. And i handed the paper to cay and said whats that say. The dog is blue. He is scarily smart man. FREAKIN me out! How am I suppose to help him with homework when he is older! He will be in 4th grade doing calculus lol.

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That is amazing. I knew he was good at Math but reading too. Good job and yes He will probably go into advanced classes in Kindergarten.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/16/08, 8:10 PM  

That's so awesome!! Yay Caylum!!
Kris, didn't you start reading around 3?

By Anonymous Sheri, at 7/16/08, 8:29 PM  

That is so exciting!

By Blogger Katy, at 7/17/08, 6:39 AM  

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