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Monday, July 07, 2008


has anyone looked at the forecast??? Its going to be 111! 106 today 111 tom 111 wednesday 110 thursday... Great huh.. Anyway we had a fantastic time Friday visiting with Family. Then we watched fireworks with our neighbor. Saturday after i got deserted by everyone. I went out and bagged up all the rock. Yeah. Then Sunday we went to work with Kenny. After we got home he took a nap and I snuck outside and loaded all but 2 of hte bags into his truck. I didnt want him doing it in the am and getting dirty before work. Last night leila vomited half the night. I think I mixed her cereal wrong. Poor thing. Today I went out and bagged all the nasty stinky plums from under the tree. and came across a dead bird.. gag. Hosed it all off and my yard no longer smells like a wine factory. We need to cap off or fix a sprinkler line (that went to the plants that were where outr paio is going. then fix the broken solenoid thingy, level weed paper sand and lay the patio.. whoohooo Must go get Cay from his first day of preschool. He is loving it.. Pics to follow. Byeeee

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How nice. Hey I bet the bird got drunk and flew into the tree or died from Alcohol poisoning. LOL I called to check on Cay I bet he is having a blast.
I miss you all here.

By Blogger Sue or David, at 7/7/08, 10:34 PM  

Still waiting for pictures! I know Ken has to work so much, but are you guys going to get to come up soon, even for a day trip?

By Blogger Sheri, at 7/8/08, 7:36 AM  

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