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Friday, August 22, 2008

My phone rang

I looked at the caller id and it was the school. UHOH! was my first thought Who's in trouble or hurt. It was the office. They told me that the K classes were overfull and they needed to make a new class. Great they want to move Caylum on day 5 of school. She goes on to tell me that its a combo k 1st class. And they would like to move Cay there. Now its a whole other ball game. Basically what it means is he will be in a more advanced class. Still half day which i like as it means the1st graders who need extra help csan get it seperate after K leaves. SO they won't be disadvanteg by the older kids getting more help. we went and checked out the room after school met the teacher and akll that. Cay got to pick his cubby and have his name put in it and explore the room. His teacher seems exceedingly sweet and has 10 years of K teaching under her belt. I think itl be great for Cay. His teacher now will miss him though. Only 1 other kid from his class is moving with him. Its great to know your son is imn the top 2 of his class already 5 days in lol.

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WTG Cay, I figured you would be teaching them.
We will be checking on your progress. Love you Mamaw and Papaw

By Blogger Sue, at 8/22/08, 5:53 PM  

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