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Monday, August 18, 2008


is the first day of school! My boys are all gone. sniffle. All 3 of them are in school. Cay in K, Jar in 1st and Ev in 5th!!! I truly wanted to split myself into 3 and go stand in each classroom all day. I still do. It is SO hard to leave them. I want to cry. I have some pics of my boys today to post. I will do that later. sniffle. Today is J's first time eating lunch at school. I worry he will forget to buy himself milk. Cay was rip raring n ready for me to get out of his classroom. I ran into the other teacher (J's K teacher) in that class later on n she said he is a perfect angel sitting there listening hands in his lap being perfect. I smiled and said he'll get over it. I still have 40 minutes till I can go get him. And Evan. Well He was his usual quite shy self this am. and OMG did all the kids grow over summer break! lots of them were as tall as me!!! He was towered over. There was like 4 kids in the entire class his height. Who gave them all miracle grow man. I know I am a big ol worrier but I can't help it. I want to run over there right now n see how they are doing. Ev see's the dr today at 330. He gets shots. He is oh so thrilled. NOT. I am not sure how I will survive the after school program. I want them home now. BUT I must let them do it. I will only pull them if it doesnt help. Only if it doesnt help Only if it doesnt help. chanting in my head. Gotta give it a shot. but WAHHHHHHHHHHH I want my boys. I think I've been stressing over today. I am broken out. ick.

Evan got a wii fit for his birthday. I must say it is pretty fun. And tiring. I did super hula hoop on it yesterday and my thighs were on FIRE! My legs were all jittery for like an hour after. Obviously I am in bad shape lol. It will be fun to use though. Its cool.

L is teething. And miserable with it. I gave her some tylenol n now shes out.
K is a pretty pretty princess. LOL Whoohoo only like 30 minutes till I can leave n get my Caylum. My house is way to quiet with only us girls here. We will have to do girly things. Later this week maybe we will paint our nails n stuff. Ok I must find something to do. BBL with pics.

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So? Did they have a wonderful day? And did you survive it?

By Blogger Sheri, at 8/18/08, 6:18 PM  

so where are the photos? I bet they had a great day. Let us know, will be looking tomorrow.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/18/08, 10:41 PM  

I promise they grow up way to fast you are going to blink and they will all be in Highschool. :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/19/08, 6:37 AM  

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