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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stuff again

Been doing the ChaCha in my free time (ha, been insane this last week, hopefully get more time for it soon) and I am up to 51 bucks. Go me. The week starting next Thursday will be better as I will make top guide which is double. hehe. A gal who started the day after me is up to 200. Ah for some free time! The kids are great. L has been drinking a formula bottle everyday to help keep her used to the taste. Waiting on my background check to come in so I can start my job. E's math teacher told me that he has been doing wonderful lately. That he got further on a practive sheet the other day then he ever has just zipped on through. J got a 100% on his first spelling test. Cay is still loving it, and started having homework which he still digs lol. I am going to a bachelorettes and bullets party tonight.I am a aspiring designer who just got overlooked for a promo for the guy doing the head of hr. Wonder if I kill her. hehe. I have to get totally fashinistaed tonight. Should be intersting. It's be a blast can't wait. Must go get house straightened up so I can figure out my outfit n hair n stuff. See yas later.

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