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Monday, September 29, 2008

tummy bug

One has been running through my house. J came home Friday with it. I woke up yesterday with a 102 fever a upset tummy and every muscle in my body aching.. Joy.. Today Mr E has the upset tummy. I kept him home.. Kept J home too because his arm is really swollen and hot. I want to watch it. Sat evening he got stung by a bee right on his elbow. It is as I said swollen today and sore. Cay went to school. I almost kept him home just so I wouldn't have to drag E outa the house. But he got so heartbroken and started to cry. So off we went. I cashed out my ChaCha ($176) and yes I got it. It is sitting there all happily in my account waiting to go shopping. Which i can't do now as HA sick boys in the bathroom. And I am so not going anywhere with him. Don't want him to have a oops anywhere but home. I wish we had a Safeway. Then I could get food delivered! My ChaCha money woulda been a lot more but I worked all week. So hopefully this week i can Build it up fast. If I am not a slug after my gy shifts lol. We had a wonderful visit with my mil. The kids kept asking when I was going back to work so mamaw would come again lol. I had to explain to them from now on theyd be with daddy when I work. Thank you SO much for coming and helping out mom. Hmm guess we will have leftovers tonight for dinner. Then I will run up to the store n get some groceries. My first payday is Thursday. I can't wait. My first 3 paychecks go to a mastercard then after that they get dd into my checking account. every week. I LOVE weekly paychecks! ok gotta go. I need to either lay down or chacha. My tummy is still sore. to the touch even. no idea what that bug did to me man but it hurts lol. ok gonna chacha n earn 20 or so bucks. Byeeee

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