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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


and Cay came home with the results of his speech eval. And it says he just needs to be monitored, that he has age appropriate speech errors.

My manager told me today she might of finally found another GY person so I won't have to work quite so much. She said he is a big burly guy so she will work him the more risky nights Fri Sat and Sun. So that will be nice. 4 days sounds WAY better then the 40 hours I am working now. less money yeah but more rest and wakefulness during the day.

Jarod has started reading a lot better the last few days. I am so proud of him! He was having such a hard time with it. But somerthing clicked and it is coming to him so much easier and faster now. WTG J!

Cay is of course Cay. THAT says it all lol. He is now putting his keen mind towards math. And is constantly telling me what this plus that equals.. They had a reading specialist in (every week or something) and she was writing a sentence on the board and going over something with them and it. And Cay raised his hand and pointed out that she misspelled a word on it. LMAO She , the reading lady, told me later that I have one heck of a super reader there.

Evan is doing awesome. I am so proud of how much more responsible he is this year for his own work. I hardly ever have to get on him about not completing stuff. He, while not actually in the gate program, does the gate projects after school with the program and he just joined the journalism group and will contribute to the school newsletter. (they also format and print it for the school). Next month he goes to outdoor education for 5 days. I am very nervous about that. But it was bound to happen someday. I am rather surprised I managed to keep him cocooned at home with us this long. My boy is growing up. I am mainly worried though really for nights. I know how embarrassing it is to have accidents and I never want him to feel that way. I pray he remembers to use the potty before bed every night and has no accidents. He has a med check the end of this month, I will be mentioning it to his Dr and seeing if there's anything that might help for the week. He wouldn't be able to hide it as he has potent pee. I never want my kids to be embarrassed over something that happens to a lot of people. But kids are mean and they won't care about his feelings. OK now i am just blabbering about my worry. Gonna go take a nap. L is starting to drift. Talk to you guys later.

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Go to the Dr. now there are two things they can do for Ev.

They have a pill, I want to say it's called Imiprin, but I am probably wrong. It helps a lot of kids with bedwetting, it's not an actual bedwetting pill, but our Dr. had us try it for Dyl.

Also they have the nasal spray (DDAVP), more costly, but if you put him on it now, for just the month it would be worth it to save him the embarrassment.

For the record neither worked with D, but he was a more severe case. LOL

By Blogger Sheri, at 10/15/08, 7:52 PM  

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