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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ok ok ok

in response to Mom's poem, I am posting. How coherant it will be is unknown as I am running on 2 hours of sleep since Monday morning. Yesterday Cay's class went to the pumpkin farm. It was a blast. I and the girls went too. I forgot my camera but snapped a few photo's with my camera. Will upload them later. They each got a pumpkin and Kiara lugged hers all by herself. She was quite proud of that. Cay took forever to find his perfect pumpkin and the little boy I was assigned to did too. He chose a bigger one and had to lugg it by himself. I was quite impressed by him. Talked to E's teacher this am about night wetting at camp. She said just send some overnight pullup things. That they will leave a note or his counselor so he knows to remind evan to wee before bed and that they change in private rooms alone so he can be discreet with a goodnight type thing just in case. It sounded like quite a common issue. I have to get the paperwork to the Dr so he can sign it about Evans meds for during camp. As they do have schooling and classrooms there too. All the paperwork and the 205 dollars are due Friday. I have to get a money order for that. How convienent my job sells them. I can just get one Thursday night at the end of the shift before me. Speaking of jobs, I was telling my manager how I couldnt wait to get home n sleep as I had gone on the trip yesterday and didnt get any sleep. And she was all sorry to ruin your day but you have to come back in at 10 this morning. ?Her manager is coming in and has to have us do some new hire stuff(us being me and the other guy she hired for gy recently) Luckily my awesiomew neighbor said she'd watch the girls. I was told itl run about half n hour but could take up to an hour. Which is all it'l take for me regardless as I am leaving at 11 wether they are done with me or not. I told my manager that us i might be showing up with kids in tow if I can't find anyone. She'd just have to deal with it. Give me no 4 hours notice pah. It'l be ot too since I work 8 hour shifts. SO tired. After I get Cay I am crasahing hard. Going to keeep L awake till then. It was So windy at the pumpkin patch and dusty was bad. the kids n I all have dry burny eyes and congestion now. Evil dust. oh and my lips r chapped too. pics from my phone

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She has to pay you for that.. And I do believe since it was less than 24 hours til next shift it is OT

By Blogger Kenny, at 10/22/08, 1:14 PM  

Yeah what he said.

By Blogger Sue, at 10/22/08, 2:46 PM  

Yeah the rm had me clock in and out and it'd be ot period as I work 8 hours today.

By Blogger Kristina, at 10/22/08, 4:17 PM  

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