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Thursday, October 09, 2008


I have been at my job for 3 weeks now. (just got my 2nd paycheck whoohoo) and my manager told me that she has already spoken to her boss about training me to be an assistant manager. Uhm huh? I don't recall applying for that job or even being asked if I want it! She said something about having to be there for 3 months before I can train then she will do a couple ams with me to train me on it and then we are good to go uhmm NOT... So I guess I can always quit in 2 months n a week. I don't want to do that again. Been there done that and didn't even get the shirt! Serioiusly its a lot of resposibility and work and hassle and stress. My kids come first. Hence the nights only part of my application. Who knows. Maybe i can screw up enough between now n then to change her mind? naa I can't do that would bug me alot. How do you tell someone your not interested without offending them. Seriously? I have no idea. What I get for doing my job. Stupid me.. I guess i do have a pet peeve lol. my boss's office. Shelves covered in random messy candy boxs with no rhyme or reason. I could seriously hear my old boss hollering at me to clean that up every time I looked at it. So I did slowly shelf by shelf night by night. And I stocked a lot iof it. I don't think anyone stocked that stuff untill it was gone. I mostly finished up tonight and wallah you can see whats there whats not and easily find anything that needs stocked. I can finally rest.. plus it will save me time. No more searching through cases trying to see if we even have whatever I am lookin for. I don't know. I love the fact that she thinks I am that awesome (of course) so quick. But I don't wanna. It is windy here. Very windy. I can hear it loud. L is getting her top 2 teeth in. And so is miserable. i need to sleep but it is to late now. The boys get up in 20 minutes. no time for napping. So I will nap when the girls n I get home. Hopefully L naps too/ AShe didnt nap barely at all today. So I am rather tired. awww poo I gotta get groceries today maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.. Ok take kids to school get groceries pick up cay feed kids lunch then nap. gotta keep L awake that long i guess. I guess I can ChaCha some to stay awake. I am way behind on it. I am just yattering now. So i will go peer out the window and see the wind whip the trees.

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See your KNow it ALL MIL knew that would happen. You have knowledge and experience and you attack a job to get it done. (Like the hedge you pulled out)
Just tell her Thank you but No thank you as your babies are First. She can appreciate that.

By Blogger Sue, at 10/9/08, 9:16 AM  

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