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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Sooo today being a day off for me. I decided to steam the carpet. My mil gave me her old steamer a really nice self heating hoover dual v widepath thingamabob. ANYWAY I got the solutionn for it and filled that up. Got the hot water going and filled that section up. Lift it up and floosh water pours down me onto the floor. Not quite how I meant to wash my floors lol. The tank has a crack in it on bottom and just gooshes water lol. Now I know why she gave it to me.. Stealing my bowls giving me broken things.. I swear.. See how she likes me! LMAO No seriously though I can order another tank for only like 40 bucks way cheaper then getting a new one. And hey! NOW I have an excuse err reason for not doing it! Course now i have to clean up the spilled water lol. Ok I shall just ChaCha and earen the money for it now. Later we are going to meet family out of town at a resteraunt for dinner. They fly in at 535. And we need to vote. I am missing my son dreadfully. I hope he is having a blast!

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