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Friday, November 21, 2008

Report Cards

I have all 3 boys report cards and parent teacher conferences over and done with. They are all doing well. Evan and Jarod are where they are suppose to be pretty much. Though both must work on their writing. And E needs to flesh out his answers more. They are both doing great and we are oh so very proud of them! Caylums report was as expected above par. He only needs to work on fine motor skills. He had all 3's and 4's and only a wasn't at or above grade level in writing. She is having his reading level checked next year by a 4th grade teacher. She told me the first time he read to her she freaked out and thought oh no I can't teach him he is too smart for me. Apparently he is quite the talk of the school. As i mentioned something about his reading to her at the end of the conf and she was all oh he is in Mrs. H class? Yeah. So he's the one who reads and does math really really well. I heard about that. Anyway he pretty much is at the end of the year level in most everything. So she will give him a little bit harder stuff and work on his writing and anything else he might not quite get yet. That is what's up with them two. L got 2 more teeth. K is a girl. I am tired. Kenny is bored. And life mows on.

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You go guys!! Good job!

More teeth? Been bitten yet?

By Blogger Sheri, at 11/21/08, 5:00 PM  

What else did we expect. I have been so engrossed with his math and reading I never thought of writing, how about music, I bet he picks that up fast too, Something liek a piano> LOL

By Blogger Sue, at 11/22/08, 10:10 AM  

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