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Friday, January 30, 2009

"He Wins"

or so he says.. (jokingly of course).. See I am going to need my uterus removed. Just like I figured I would. When he found out he said that he wins. Since he won't need to get clipped. I am currently leaning towards May to get it done. Disability wise that is when I would get the most money. And well we will need the most as I will be out of work 6 weeks, as opposed to a clippings 3 whole enrire days. He brought up something though and now i need to ask and wonder. I will keep my ovaries and as such still ovulate.
I wonder what the risks of tubal pregnancy is with such a thing. I imagine similar to a tubal. But I don't know that either. So Mom any chance you can come stay a few days while I am in the hospital? I need to be all better by the end of June as Kiara has her dance show then sometime. So it has to be may or even the end of April. though I'd rather not be in the hospital on my birthday lol so after then for sure. I am jabbering now. Kenny got to see sis doing her ballet class yesterday. She was of course adorable. Everyone thinks so. There was a new kid in her class today and the parents were sitting one over from us. I heard the lady next to me who I talk to sometimes say something about how cute. I looked over and she looked at me and said she is her daughter. Andthe parents on the other side of her where all she is soooo cute! Did she just turn 3? uhm no she will be 4 in April. She is SOOOO tiny! yup thats my kids lol.. their daughter just turned 3 and was like 6 inches talletr hten Kiara. and all over bigger. Kiara looks like a dainty little fairy. They measured them yesterday for their dance costumes. I can't wait!

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I would think they would cauterize the fallopian tubes.

By Blogger Sheri, at 1/30/09, 3:35 PM  

As long as the tubes and ovaries remain it is possible to develop a tubal pregnancy after hysterectomy, though it is very rare. It can happen when sperm pass through the cervix or through a gap in the surgical closure and join an egg. The egg can then implant in the tube or within the abdomen. <---just found that

By Blogger Sheri, at 1/30/09, 3:38 PM  

Of course I will help out, Just let us know when unless I let you know first when I am going to arkansas and Ok.

By Blogger Sue, at 1/31/09, 10:24 AM  

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