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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

when it rains

and all that jazz... My car wouldn't start this morning when I got off work. I had to jump it with my boss's car. Battery was dead. new batter and cable connector 145 dollars getting to come home from work.. priceless.. hey at least it wasn't the alternator. Last night my washer started leaking.. tomorrow the Maytag repairman comes out cost just to tell me whats broken 70 bucks. repairs themselves who knows. Hopefully fast speedy cheap fix with no need to hit a laundromat.. priceless.
Cay needs to be registered for little league tonight, cost 50 bucks plus idiotic raffle ticket requirements (unless its changed since E played) plus equipment if he doesn't fit Evans old stuff getting to watch him figure out baseball in 5 minutes priceless. no, seriously though I have a feeling he will love it.
Oh and I STILL need to get Evans eyes checked. I am lagging on that in the hopes of having enough on hand in case he needs glasses but frankly I just need to Get R Done. I get paid Thursday morning. So will get him done asap. I noticed him squinting at the computer yesterday..
AND Kiara wants to try out Ballet. Cost 12 dollars for a drop in class.. plus mandatory outfit (leotard tights slippers and optional skirt.. optional my butt.. Just ask K.) registration 15 monthly fee 40 bucks, Watching her in a recital if she wants to join utterly priceless.
Oh and my driver side door doesn't want to open any more lol I have ta try n open it half a dz times to get in. Soon it will stop completely. But I will worry about that when it happens. Hey I can always climb through the pass side.
I get my 3 month evaluation tomorrow at work. Here's to my utter awesomeness and a good raise.. (HA YEAH RIGHT raise HA!)I am on day 6 of a headache.. one of those too bad to ignore but not bad enough to put me down types. There's a father daughter dinner and dance (semi formal) next month. Kiara and Kenny are going.. She is all excited. And at the end of next month is a mother son dinner n bowling which the boys are enthralled with. Need to go check prices on those to n make sure we have enough by then. All these expenses but oh so worth the joy. Well pray my washer is a cheap fix & my door magically fixes itself. Must go make lunch. then nap. nap, if only.

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With all that you can still be thankful, (which i know you are), You have a car, (instead of horse and buggy), washer, (instead of a rub board, you have a princess that loves her status, As each child loves their, Good Luck to Cay and what is J up to and L of course?

By Blogger Sue, at 1/13/09, 9:16 PM  

The father/daughter thing sounds so great! And the mother/son thing too. I wish they had stuff like that around here. There is a church in BVille that has a Father/Daugther formal and I actually considered going to that church just so Mike and Madi could go to the formal.

Hope your washer is just a gasket, your car door stops sticking and your headache goes away soon!

By Blogger Sheri, at 1/14/09, 5:42 AM  

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