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Monday, February 23, 2009


it sucks to be sick. Ran a fever all weekend. My chest is all congested today. It hurt to breathe though I wasn't coughing all that much. Though i wished I was coughing more. I wanted to cough more it just wouldn't come up. So I ran in to get checked just to be safe since J was so sick. I have stuff in my lungs. I am on some antibiotic. They can't tell if it is bronch or pneu since no chest Xrays for me. Can't go back to work till Thursday. Making it a grand total of 5 days out of work. Fun. Oh well I obviously need the sleep right. Need to research the drug see how safe it is. The dr said it is as safe as it gets with anti's.

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I am sorry you are sick. Is J. feeling any better yet?

By Blogger Sheri, at 2/25/09, 6:27 AM  

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