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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The bleeeding has stopped and finally it seems as though the cramping has as well. We didn't go to tball or scouts. Evan came home early sick again. Me n J went to the store got the ice for scouts. J put all 6 bags in teh cart then in the car then had scouts unload it. So even though I didnt lift any of em just walking walmart and pushing the cart gave me more cramps. But a really deep nights sleep seems to of helped. Though I woke up sore muscled I woke up uncrampy so thats good. And no sign of blood. Boy was I out. I don't remember anything from the time I closed my eyes in bed till I woke up this am.
We are going to try this book selling deal. Hopefully it will work out and I can just quit and be done with it. Basically if it happens a friend of mine (who is investing in me doing it) can get a pallet of 1000 random books for a hundred dollars. I can sell them on Ebay for a profit. There are suppose to be a wide variety from college to novels so it sounds promising if its still available. Fingers crossed. Hopefully will find out soon. Either way what is is. if it isn't available then we will find something else. The Lord provides. My job door may close but a window will open. I need to do ChaCha for a solid day and see what I can earn there. hmm Tomorrow I think will be good. Oh wait no, ballet n little league. Maybe after bfast I will do a solid hour and see what I earn there. Then just figure the math. I still need to do my 2nd essay. But I just don't get what they want. It is beyond me. Journals and essays and who cares. Kenny is preparing to take his broker license test. Fingers crossed there. It is something he has wanted to finish for a while. So good luck babe. You will do awesome. Ok food time. Then ChaCha time.

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