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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Cay had his first game Sat. was great fun. They had practice last night and he was hitting pitched balls. WTG. Evan is great. Jarod is great. a snot but great. the girls are fab. Kiara still loves ballet. Her recital got moved to Sep instead of June as the hall it was in is being reno'd and there is nowhere else for it. We need to go get all our garden stuff. Must make a list of what we need. Baby is well. As far as I can tell. I am still nauseated sometimes not often anymore so thats nice. and crampy alot. I getthis deep throbbing pain in my lower right back just below my ribcage. It is annoying.

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Finally a post, when do you see the doctor again? How are the kiddos, We still have colds but plugging along.
Kiss them all for us. Love Mom

By Blogger Sue, at 4/3/09, 9:28 AM  

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