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Friday, May 22, 2009

Field trip

Cay's class had a walking field trip to petsmart today. I went though I drove it is a looong walk. They walked down a very busy street and being the paranoid person I am, drove around them in circles and made sure my car was the front car at every intersection they crossed. No one is running a stop or light and hittin my boy without going through me first. So we all made it in one piece.
Though the kids did all think I was "good" and "magic" since I was always were they were lol. They waved and hollered at me as they walked by. It was fun getting a tour of petsmart. They pulled out all kinds of animals for them to look at and or pet. They got to pet a tortoise, kitten, rat, chinchilla and some dogs. They got to see snakes and lizards and frogs and a bunch of fish get fed bloodworms. They also saw the most cutest St. Bernard puppy. He was huge but obviously still a baby. His little girl couldn't get him to move at all lol. He laid down next to Kiara and put his head between his paws and looked up at us. Can we say AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. He was SOOOOOO cute. Way to cute. Kiara squated next to him(or her)and was putting her hand out crooking her finger at him. And when the puppy obediently got up to go closer she of course about fell backwards getting away lol. Cay being the horribly shy child he is. Spouted out answers and questions all over. The little know it all. When asked why they thought it was called a corn snake. Cay says OH is it because they eat corn? giggle. He told them the parakeets were parakeets. And answered a myriad of questions. Being so shy n everything. They brought out the chinchilla and asked the kids if anyone knew what it was. I hear my sons sweet quiet little voice bellow out it's a Chihuahua! The teacher and I both turned away to laugh. It kinda looked like one I guess. All in all it was a fun trip. The kids all had a blast and it was just our class so it was small and quiet. Though you know everyone of those children will be going home today and asking their parents for this or that pet. And petsmart was nice enough to send home goodie bags with the kids that included a coupon book lol. So nice of them. Caylum and Kiara want a lizard. Here are a few pics I snapped.
The Chihuahua. lol

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That is so cute, I looked and looked for him until I realized he had his hat on. That is adorable. I can just see you being at every stop.
OH Kris please put your family information to Nancy, she needs it, and this is just in case you have not.

By Blogger Peenkee, at 5/22/09, 3:11 PM  

that comment was from MOM not Mad!

By Blogger Sheri, at 5/23/09, 6:37 AM  

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