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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

J man

Mr J had his assessment screening thingy today with the Dr. It went well. No, he does not have ADD nor does he have cerebral palsy.
The Dr thinks he has central processing dysfunction. Audio and visual. And has sent me home a note for the school requesting Psychometric testing on him including visual and audio processing. From the sites I have flipped through he def fits the bill to a T. My neighbor is a school psychiatrist and has said he will print me up a letter to sign and take to the school that will require them to do testing. So with that and the Dr.s note I have no fears of them trying to get out of it. The Dr said after a diagnosis it will prob be just a matter of him getting pulled from class for 30 minutes a day for some one on one with someone showing him what to do for his work and making sure he understands. I am quite happy that he will get the help he needs to thrive and not struggle so hard. he is such a sweety. Even when he is loosing his mind because people are talking over him or he is hungry. You'd swear he never ate! It has symptoms such as not understanding spoken instructions, speech developed late or unclearly/ needing speech therapy, dificulty with reading and or spelling, dificulty with word(math) problems, frustration in noisy environments, dificulty with phone conversations, dificulty remembering instructions, dificulty with multi part instructions there are also visual issues which the Dr noticed some of too. Hand eye and all that.
I am keeping Mr E home tomorrow because his class is going to a water park. Uhmm what kinda loony school takes 3 classes of 5th graders to a water park! Even if Evan could swim like a pro I wouldn't let him go without one of us. Not at 10 years old. Not to a place so packed with people you wouldn't notice one going under and not coming up. uhuh no way no how. He will stay home n we will go walk the mall or something. Oh maybe I will shove his bike in my trunk and we can go try riding a 2 wheeler at the park. It should be empty in the am. That will be fun.
I get my U/S Friday and am quite excited about that. Though I think the next person who asks if it's twins is going to get their head knocked off. uhuh don't even think about saying it. I know your going ohh let me put that in a comment. Don't.
It is warm here today 96 or something. I am a bit muggy. Kenny and me got the last of the carpet from the backyard out.. and the bricks.. YEAH! Hope everyone has a great day. Talk to ya laters.

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That was one thing they said they thought G8 had/has (because as you know we never completed testing). CAPD. Central Auditory Processing Disorder. We used to have to be VERY conscious of how we spoke to him and insure it was understood. Things are easier for him now, but for a while there...WOW. It was rough. They also told us SID (Sensory Integration Disorder), which affects how things feel (the reason running into a brick wall doesn't phase him, but a spider web landing on his arm throws him into fits).

Hope things straighten up for the little guy soon!

Oh, and totally don't blame you about the water park!

By Blogger Sheri, at 5/27/09, 5:10 AM  

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