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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I had a form for my Ob to fill out for my work yesterday at my appointment. And he put on it that I am
not expected to return to work till 6 weeks post partum. Can you say yeah! I am sooo tired of cramping and spotting. Though now that I am off work I don't spot at all like I was. And the cramping is no where near as severe though still there pretty much all the time. I think I am getting used to it. ANYWAY now onto the fun stuff. Baby sounded fine. It is moving about in there alot hard enough that a few times a day I can feel it with my hand. So awesome. AND the best part of my day yesterday was scheduling my U/S! It is set to happen on May 29th at 9 am. Keep our fingers crossed baby cooperates and assumes the position! My disability ha started my first check was authorized Monday. So I figure I will get it by Friday. YEAH. That is a big worry off my mind. We had a fabulous mothers day. We went up and saw mom n dad. I wanted to tell you guys that if you want to your more then welcome to crash here the night before your flight. If it is in the am or something you might not want to drive 3 hours too early. Anyway just wanted to let you know. Kenny tilled my garden area yesterday. WHOOHOO. Now to drag him off to the depot to get my plants n dirt n anything else we need. He has a meeting next week with a real estate company here in town. Hopefully that works out how he wants. He has been getting calls left and right from real estate places. He rocks! It is suupose to be really hot this weekend, over a hundred, blah. Too hot too fast. Wonder what to do that can keep the munchkins cool. Who knows. Oh so since I am having my U/S soon I have started my guessing game. Hurry and get your votes in!

Must go turn off the whole house fan before it gets to much hotter. Much love n baby hugs!

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We are so excited for Ken, so when are his appointments? Glad the disability is started. For you that do not know, California has a disability plan that pays you when you are off, up to a year. It has sure come in handy for us over the years. No loss of income. However before conclusions are formed, Our jobs made up the difference. That was so nice. Wish I had it now. Na not me, then I would have to be working.
The weekend was so great, I have to say, K would sit by us, we would look up and she was just sittign there smiling at us, like total Love, She is a little princess and she knows it.

By Blogger Sue, at 5/14/09, 8:40 PM  

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