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Friday, June 05, 2009

So far

We have planted the tree and fixed the sprinklers. Yup sprinklers are fixed and just need to be reburied. Been busy here.
My lemon tree is almost devoid of lemons finally. And my evil plum tree is starting to ripen. Sigh. We didn't do any projects last night as we were both kinda wiped. I was at the park with J and C classes from 9 to 1 pm ish then we ran home cleaned th dirt off of us, gave L a bottle and got K ready for ballet. When we got home from that it was time to start dinner. Kenny got home late yesterday as well, gotta love it when people show up at closing time and then hang for an hour. RUDE! They may not have things to do but ya know the employee keeping the place open for you sure does! In this case he had 5 kids and a pregnant wife to get home to visit. Today is the last day of school, and report cards come home. OOOHHHHHhhhoooooOOOOOHHHH. LOL. The lawns are mowed and I gotta say when we finish the patio area in front it is going to look sweet! The part that is done (we think it may need 1 or 2 more plants though) looks awesome. WAY better then the nasty bushes and dirt that was there. I have a few little tomatos on my plant ( still green) they are the first things growing. Though I see pumpkin flowers about to bloom. We had a massive lightning and thunder storm here Wednesday night. Was beautiful. Non stop lightning. Literally you didn't go more then a second or 2 tops between flashes. And it poured all night long. Was fabulous. They are not holding a ceremony for the graduating Kinders. Which rather annoys me. But they are still getting a certificate. I must find out when So i can come watch. I haven't heard anything from my OB so I am hoping everything was fine in there. Course he could be waiting till Monday when I go see him. That will be fun. Allllll the kids home from school. Sigh. Kenny starts his training Wednesday night. Going to learn all kindsa goodies. Cay has his last game tomorrow. YEAH! I am still sore and wiped out from yesterday. I didn't even do anything at the playground, just sat most of it or walked her to there to keep an eye on mine. Anyways must go get dressed to take the munchkins to school. Hey mom, I forget what day/time do you fly in?

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