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Thursday, June 11, 2009

So far

this week we put up a screen to block sun from the back windows, had scout advancement meeting (pics to come).
The boys were so fab. We are sooo proud of them all. Evan earned his Arrow of Light, the HIGHEST award any cub scout can earn and the ONLY patch that gets carried over to his boy scout uniform. He worked hard for that. We are very proud of him.
Evan n Cay saw the dentist Wednesday (sigh) Evan has a filling on a baby molar that split and a cavity got in the hole and got to its baby root, he has to have a pulpectomy and cap on it. Yikes!
Wednesday evening they had their first night of VBS. They had a blast. Kiara was horrified about going home when it ended. She was crying because she wanted to stay. The boys too had a blast. They cant wait for next weeks. Today K had ballet and tomorrow I have a moms night out at a friends place. Sat mom n dad fly in and me n the kids will go to church while Kenny is picking them up. Then allllll next week the kids have day camp. Well Evan n Jarod do. Going to be a long week. We figured out how much sand we need and are all set to get it. OHOHOHO and they had an avocado tree!!!! Kenny will get it when he gets the sand. They only had 2 and they weren't there last week. I would of got it on the spot but we were in my car, no room. Can't wait till the front is done. It is going to be fabulous.

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