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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


late sometime my mom, bro and a sis are going to be here for a couple days.
The kids are all excited. They are running round all giddy about it. J is writing it on his calander and Kiara is convinced I mean mamaw n papaw are coming. No matter how much I tell her it isn't. And think they don't even know she has a car loaded with bday and Christmas gifts. They just can't wait to see her and "have fun" with em. J n Cay say they will take them outside to play with them.
I, with lots of help from the boys, planted my avocado tree yesterday. All done. Now I must keep it very well watered for a month untill it can get set in. We plucked the fist veggies from our garden too. Some yello crookneck squash. I see a couple cherry tomatoes are ready too. Literally 2. What can I do with cilantro, rosemary, 2 cherry tomatoes and 3 small yellow squash. Kennys little jalapenos are growing well. And my bell pepper finally flowerd. They are doing much better this year then in previous years. I am only watering every other day and real deep. instead of a little every day. That seems to do the trick. Have a few teeny tiny watermelon balls starting. Hopefully they will do well. And everything else is flowering like mad. Well except the corn, which yes mom, I did thin out. Hopefully they will all have multiple ears. Next year I think I will put many larger rows between the lemon tree and fence. We have plums. Come n get em before we manage to cut the rest of the tree down. Kenny got up on the roof and cut all the branches that leaned over the roof. There where hundreds of plums we tossed that day. Plus the lemon branches too. Now there are many less plums falling every day so that is nice. I am planning on sending as many as I can back with my mom.
The kids have VBS tonight. they are excited. I think I will run over and grab some solar window film stuff and start sealing my house up. Just the screens on a few windows and the sliders have made a big improvement in coolness. Imagine with all the windows solarized not just were the screening is. I still have more screens to do as well. I am slow and it is HOT. Will spend tomorrow cleaning more I am sure. Got the LR all spick n span so they can sleep in there on the air bed or couches or wherever they want. I will prob need to get groceries as well. I hate shopping with all the kids. Don't get me wrong they are great but the store is always packed and we are a big bunch. It makes it hard to squeeze down the aisles. Not to mention stopping to be told I have my hands full every few minutes. Rather have hands that overflow with happiness then empty and devoid of the joy my children bring me. People are just stupid sometimes.
SPEAKING of large families. My fabulous neighbor had her 7th child, a son, this morning at around oh 10:30. CONGRATS! They are both doing well last I heard and he was 7 lbs. Today was his due date. Unless they changed their mind during labor he will be named Jared! I of course ADORE their name choice. Even though it is spelled different then my Jarod. This makes 3 girls and 4 boys for them. I am so happy for them. I can not wait to see that little guy! Or my own for that matter.
Well that is all for now. I had to turn my AC on today. I have it set at 80. It is over 100 today here. it was already 80 whe I got up this morning! Was awful. Didn't get cool enough last night to cool the house down so on went the AC. I and the kiddies can not be in a 100 degree house. No way No how. See ya all later gaters. BYE.

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Great tell your Mom we said Hello.
I bet the kids are excited. K will talk their heads off.
Glad your neighbor is doing good, I can't wait to see yours either.
Love your statement on overflowing.
Good comment to make back.

By Blogger Sue, at 6/24/09, 5:25 PM  

Have a great time!

By Blogger Sheri, at 6/25/09, 5:07 AM  

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