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Monday, June 08, 2009


did some yard stuff this weekend.
Cay the girls n I picked up lemons and plums off the ground. fun. Kenny Evan n Jarod dug out the front area, where the patio is going, and wheeled uhmm 9 wheelbarrows of dirt to the back yard. Had to lower the gropund level to bring it back up with sand n stuff. They then put down weed fabric and put bark around the 2 plants we do have planted in that area. We need sand now, and a nother bag or 2 of bark, oh and the rock we are putting between the pavers. A couple more plants and the front is done. Although I gotta say just that area being covered by fabric looks 100 times better then the dirt. Course we gotta figure out where to get the sand now. We need a lot. Fun Fun. I have an ob app in a few so I need to get dressed. Wednesday Ev n Cay see the dentist and VBS starts. Thursday is ballet. Friday night a friend of mine is having a girls night at her house. That will be fun. And Sat (I think) mom n dad fly back in from OK. Next week Ev n J have scouts day camp all week. So they will miss next wednesdays vbs(they are doing it every wed evening for 5 weeks. Next Wed night Kenny starts his training too. And tomorrow night is scouts advancement night. Busy busy. Evan has earned his Arrow of Light which is the ONLY badge that moves on from cub scouts to boy scouts. It is the highest award you can earn in cubs. And he bridges to Boy Scouts. Go Evan! J moves up from tiger to wolf. Whoohooo. Cay will be a tiger next fall. OK must go get dressed. And dress the kids since they are coming with me. JOY.

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