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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I failed my 1 hour glucose test. My numbers were "pretty high" according to the nurse that called. It was apparently bad enough that I had no say in the 3 hour at all. They put me on hold and called the lab and set up a appointment for the 3 hour and then told me when to be there. No choices for me. I have to be there at 7am Monday, no eating for 12 hours prior. At least I can drink water until I drink the sugar. Otherwise they would be hating me. Going to be bad enough with the fasting. I am going to pass out. I can see it now. I came close with the 1 hour and that was only 1 blood draw. I will def conk out with 4, after not having anything but water for 12 hours. On the plus side, no wait on the even worse side I will have to have all 5 kids with me, starting at 7 am in a lab for 4 hours. What exactly are they going to do for 4 hours? And what will they do when I conk out? What will L do? They can hardly sit still the 10 minutes we wait in the Dr's waiting room. 4 hours. Lord I should just cancel and let myself be ill the rest of the pregnancy. Whats the worst I will have a big baby? please I have gained less weight this time then ever before. Course I started heavier too. I am still under the highest I have ever been. So, I will be light headed nauseated dizzy weak hot sweaty shaky blurry spotty vision and headachy every time I eat anything sugary. It is only another 3 months. Better then trying to deal with the kids for 4 stinking hours in a boring nothing to do lab waiting room. With them following me in every hour to watch my blood get sucked out and mommy pass out. Kenny won't go in late, he is the only one in the office for who knows how long. The only person in town I know anymore has a newborn and a house that is full of unpacked boxes and so does not need 5 more at 630 in the am. Who in their right mind wants to watch 5 kids at 630 in the morning! Other then me. Nope, think I've decided, I just won't go. I am not going to put the kids and myself through it, there is no one to watch them at all before I am so close to popping it won't matter anyway. Shoot what is less then 12 weeks going to do anyway. There that's settled. Just not going to do it. I feel better now. No more worrying over it.

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