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Monday, July 06, 2009


on us. We had a fabulous visit with my mom and brother and sister. The kids drove them all to exhaustion. Ha better them then me right. HEHE. It was very very hot here 110 plus. It's just now a nice normal temp. Actually I think it is going to be cool today, high of only 89. Sweet! No AC on today!. The heat just sapped us all.
Kenny and I volunteered at a firework booth here for the American Legion for 4 evenings. It was fun. Plus we got a discount on our fireworks. Sweeter! on the 4th itself our neighbors, who spent the week moving from their now sold home to their temp rental home with 7 children in tow 1 of whom was a week old and soooo teeny, came over and hung out. We set off fireworks the kids ran around and we ate cookies and chips soda and juice. My fresh choc chip cookies where a hit. A few children made themselves somewhat ill eating a half dz or so of em each. LOL that means they were good right. It was a good night. I am sad though that they are no longer 3 houses down. And they are sad too. They love and already miss this neighborhood. We had 2 neighbors setting off big booms. Way up in the sky. Was beautiful. Though a bit scary when hot cinders are blowing on roofs and landing in driveways. Luckily, I guess, one of them is a firefighter too so I suppose he could put out anything fairly fast. We did hose down all our lawns and outdoors well before we crashed. Better safe then sorry right.
I see my ob today for my 26 week visit. YIKES! Less then 14 weeks left and no, before you ask we have not chosen a name yet. I will have to drag the munchkins with me today. Scary. I will get the paperwork for the all time most fabulous glucose test today. Bleck. Hopefully I haven't gained a ton more weight. I only have like 10 more lbs till I hit my previous highest weight. Oh well it is all in a good cause right. Little baby boy is a non stop mover. I don't sleep well he is so active. Wake up sore and just as tired as when I crashed. I am dreading taking all 5 with me to the ob today, but again, it is what it is. Oh poo, I will need to leave early. I have to get gas or I may run out between here n there n back again.
I am doing laundry. I dislike laundry. But I have a few days worth in there plus bedding from kiddos. Must get it all done. I don't mind washing and drying it. I just hate the putting away. It always ends up all messed up within 24 hours anyway. It drives me batty. All that work for nothing. I put solar film on the windows here. It repels like 73% of the suns heat and keeps winter heat in. I can tell a difference already. I have some more screens to re screen and put the solar screen on and then I am done with that project. Kenny started the lighting in the garage yesterday. When we are done in there it will be nice n bright. Everyone loves our front yard. I must say it is very nice out there. Ok I am getting wiped again just sitting here. Must go make sure munchkins are dressed and clean faced then brush my teeth n do my face and go get gas then see the DR. Hopefully it will be quick in n out as they are being behinds today. ughh they r hollering at eachother again. OK byeeee must referee first.

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