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Monday, October 26, 2009


Kian has jaundice. His bili levels are 15.1. Dr said that's high but wasn't too horribly worried by it. He will get retested Wed morning and we will see what he is at then. In the meantime I am too nurse like crazy and put him in the sun in a diaper for 20 minutes front and back each day.

He was up to 8lbs 6ozs naked so is gaining weight so that's good. Almost back to his birth weight.

In the Dr's office bright lights he was yellow all the way to his tummy! Fingers crossed Wed numbers drop.

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Keep us informed.

By Blogger Sue, at 10/26/09, 2:38 PM  

My kiddos were always jaundiced. E and D were the worst, I had to take them back for weeks and lay them in the sun. D was orange like a pumpkin. Seriously, I have a picture of it. I was such an idiot I thought he had great coloring.

By Anonymous Sher, at 10/26/09, 4:26 PM  

I live for those pictures of those beautiful babies. Kris please send more. I know the baby is growing. Forgive me for not knowing all their names but they are beautiful; and i keep them in a folder on my computer. God Bless your beautiful family.

By Blogger Grandmas Post, at 11/1/09, 8:08 AM  

Oh my goodness, that little man still has juandice. I hope he is OK.
Here it is November too.

By Blogger Sue, at 11/7/09, 9:53 AM  

yes he does still have jaundice.

By Blogger Kristina, at 11/11/09, 10:36 AM  

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