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Monday, October 05, 2009

update on J

Having him try to ignore it has helped a lot. He is almost his normal self. At least until next time. The school psychologist just called me. And she never received my referral letter requesting testing which isn't a big deal since I gave it to the principle who prob sent it to the head lady for all the schools who prob has 5000 on her desk and is still going through them. She is going to talk to Jarod's speech therapist and his teachers and go through his records and hunt down the letter I sent in. And then give me a call back when she has an idea of what's next. Since she hadn't seen the letter I told her what the Dr thinks he has the audio visual processing dysfunction and about his fears. She seems really nice and she knows Jarod by sight since her office is in the same area as speech. So fingers crossed we get this done and my little man can get all the help he needs to excel.

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Our little shirt backward, pant backward, underware backward, shoes on wrong feet Man. He is going to excel. he wants to so badly.
Mamaw and Papaw love him dearly, His angleic face.

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