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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christopher Pop-In-Kins

Santa clause and all of his little elves make their home in a far away land called the North Pole...

That is how the book started that appeared on our kitchen counter this morning. It was the story of a little elf named, you guessed it, Christopher Pop-In-Kins. It told us how he went to Santa and wished to get to see children. After some thinking Santa made him the first ever children's elf.
Sometime after Thanksgiving he gets to go out and watch the children. Though there are some rules. He has to be very careful about where he hides, as the children must be able to find him but they can not touch him. For if they touch him he has to pop back to Santa at the North Pole to have his magic restored. So he must hide high up on shelves and things like that.
He also has to be back by Christmas Eve so he can report to Santa about how the children behaved.
After reading this fabulous story to the kids we wondered if he might of popped in to our house like his book did. And the kids went on a hunt. Sure enough they found him! He was sitting atop the entertainment center! Just like the book said they giggled and laughed and were very excited to see him. After a while they got to playing and suddenly he was gone! They looked everywhere for him and finally found him sitting on the valance above the sliding glass doors. Throughout the day he made it all over. He was on the fridge and even in the alcove above the closet in the entry.
We will be very sad when he pops out tomorrow sometime. But I think we will be very excited if he chooses to come back next year.

He made not a sound
But we knew he was there;
The children just giggled
and searched everywhere.
Up on the mantle
Atop the bookshelf,
High on the draperies;
Now where is that elf?

The book that was on our counter when we woke up.
Him when he was in the alcove.
close up
Where he popped to sometime before I went to bed.
He is a very cute elf. I hope he pops in on you sometime next year too.

This post contains excerpts from the book Christopher Pop-In-Kins by Flora Johnson.

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Oh how very cute! I bet he brought a lot of loud joy! LOL

By Blogger Sheri, at 12/24/09, 6:10 AM  

That is so cute, I can just hear the squeals and giggles. Thank You so much for sharing.

By Blogger Sue, at 12/24/09, 1:56 PM  

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