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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today you are 7 years old!
luckily your not walking round like that today.
your a big brother and a little brother. How lucky are you.
surrounded by love
silly with mommy
or all on your own
yes he is wearing a dress lol
my liitle tiny baby boy with smiles for everyone
has grown into such a wonderful young man
I hope you have a wonderful 7th birthday buddy.

posted by Kristina @ |9:40 AM|


He's such a cutie. And I just want to point out this is the FIRST year I remembered his birthday without having to ask if it was the 21st or the 29th. (Remember me saying I'd forever remember it because it was legal drinking age? LOL, that little memory game worked) Now to remember Leila's (Feb 2nd?) and Kian's (I have NOT a clue! Oct something or other. LOL

Okay I looked it up. Feb 3. Why couldn't it be the 2nd then it would be 02-02 I could remember that! And Oct 14th I can't find a tie in to my memory for that at all!! Ty's bday is Aug 14, maybe I can tie those two in together. Sigh.

When's the next one due?
Your sidebar says you have one in the oven.

By Blogger Sheri, at 1/21/10, 1:10 PM  

Happy Birthday Precious boy. We Love you so MUCH.

By Blogger Sue, at 1/22/10, 9:47 AM  

Thanks for stopping by.. I hope you are having a great week.

By Blogger Amy, at 2/18/10, 9:01 AM  

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