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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well lets see what have I done. I made puff pastry for the first time ever. From scratch! It was yummy. I am no longer scared of pastry dough. Go Me.

I finished my A&P II class. I received 3 100%'s on my tests. Waiting on my class participation to show. They only update it once a week. Then they ship my next class. Which is Diagnostic Imagery. I am excited about that one. Then after that i have veterinary pharmacology. Should be mind boggling. I guess i can work on the 800 word comp I need to write about what i have learned as a writer. (NOTHING) Sigh.

Jarod has a meeting Monday. Well I have a meeting Monday bright and early (7:30) at the school to FINALLY go over the issues we see and get him tested to get the help he needs for school. YEAH! Hopefully Kenny can come too. I will need to take E to school really early. He will just eat breakfast there that day. And C and J can eat bfast at school while I am in the meeting. I think they serve that early. If not they can be at the meeting with me then eat there. Of course the 3 younger are stuck with me regardless lol.

I recently found out what the theme is for this years recital and what costume her class will be wearing. The theme is around the world. And her class will be doing a china doll dance! HOW cute will that be! Can't wait to see that costume. Though I can wait to pay for it lol.

Evans GF had her birthday Friday. He got her chocolates and flowers. I realized after the fact that means she just turned 13! 13! YIKES! i am not ready for this.

Leila and Kian are both getting over this cold. And I am getting it. Kian is not thrilled about it. He has been quite miserable. And whiny and not sleeping and otherwise driving me batty. They are both growing so much. L is starting to lose that baby look. =( She is looking more like a little girl. sigh

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That is quite a feat, I must try it. NOT. Now when we come up I want some homemade puff pastry. K

By Blogger Sue, at 1/28/10, 1:13 PM  

As long as you give me like 3-4 hours notice you got it!

By Blogger Kristina, at 1/28/10, 1:27 PM  

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