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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Things we've done

Well. Leila had her birthday yesterday! She is 2 now!
Which means she loses
that.. except at bedtime and in the car.
She will not be thrilled.

Cay is home sick today. He woke up vomiting and with the runs. Poor guy.
Jarod is going to be getting tested in a bunch of stuff by the school psychologist, spec ed department, nurse, and speech peoples. Finally. Then we have another meeting to go over the results. A LONG meeting. He is such a sweetie, yes even when he is melting down lol. Now he can get the help he needs for school. SOOO Happy about that.
Evan is Evan. Mr Cool. HE is actually being social with people now. Which is great.
Kiara is getting excited for her birthday. Even though it isn't until April. She will be 5. I can't believe she starts school this fall. She is still in Ballet and loves it.
The next recital is in June. her class is doing a China doll dance. i can not wait to see the costume they choose! i can totally see Kiara as a china doll.
They have been starting them on the bar.
Poor Kiara is so teeny she can hardly bend her knees and still reach that one lol.
yeah she is
the smallest in her class
though by far not the youngest lol. She is the cutest though.
Kian ahhh Kian. Driving me to distraction lately.He is at that i want to be in the thick of things but he can't move yet phase lol. he is quite adept at rolling now and can roll roll roll off his blankets. He also has a cold and wakes up about 3 am snuffly n fussy every 10 minutes the rest of the night. Yeah shoot me lol. Trying the humidifier tonight in hopes it keeps him from drying out.
them girls love their bro
a lot

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Ahh..she can barely reach the barre! She's so cute. Happy Birthday Leila! And hey, don't blink,before you know it she'll be turning 13...like Madi next month. Sigh.

By Blogger Sheri, at 2/4/10, 1:46 PM  

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