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Friday, March 12, 2010


I am 99% sure I have a job.... IN A VETERINARY HOSPITAL!!!!! They could not take me as a volunteer due to ins. SO they offered me a job! Then when it is practicum time I will be covered by their ins. She had me fill out everything. I9, W4, direct deposit, background check, measured me for scrubs! SCRUBS!!!!!!!!!!! let me say again SCRUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you know I will be posting a pic of me in scrubs when I finally get to wear em. hehehe the things that excite me. Anyway the only things that could stop the process is my background check... nothing there. and if corporate decides she does not need more help. but since they have her expanding the office. they hired 2 new Dr.s and are staying open later, they need new people to start at the bottom to move those at the bottom up the rung to fill the new hours. So i should be in. Fingers crossed. i guess I know now why the last place shut me down. they were not what God had planned for me. Now I get to be paid for what I was eager to do for free. God is great. I know He has a plan for me I just need to follow His path. Thank You Thank You Thank You. I walked out of my interview yesterday thanking Him and the whole time driving to BK then home and half the night. I am so excited. She put my start date as the 22nd. hopefully everything's back by then. hehehehehehehe

Also a fellow student down in sac is giving me her old 20G tank... How sweet is that! also there is a fellow student down in Sac!I get to meet someone who goes to the same school as me! She has kids too. We are going to meet on Sat for pizza. How fun!

there was not ich in my tank... was just some damaged fins. she is all cleared up now. and there is about 10 babies in the tank, last time i tried to count, still alive. the crabs seem happy.

hmm think I need a better breast pump... Can't get enough out of this one fast enough. Can't dry up. I'll only be 2 days a week to start but still. prob need formula too. i doubt i can pump enough for him every week. ehh i know I can't.

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