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Thursday, April 01, 2010


so I noticed this am the mole on the back of J's neck has a ring of depigmented skin around it. Also known as halo nevus which means his body is attacking it for some reason. Which is scary. When he gets home today I will take a gander at all his other moles and see if I notice any changes. I have a call in to the medi-cal place to see if they have approved us yet. Can't take J in without ins. Which has me delaying calling his ped for fear he will want to see him. Will also see if they haven't done it yet if we will be back covered if it is approved.

Work is going great. I start my first reg shift tomorrow morning. Our new business hours start today. I will get new shift duties tomorrow. I will need to get all the cages/kennels clean and the animals fed/watered and walked before they open for the day. Then when they open I will just do a run through every hour to check the animals and will spend the rest of the time learning new stuff. Vaccinations, iv's, all the fun tech stuff. Can't wait.

I picked up Kiara's Kindergarten registration packet yesterday. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


I have this light blue uniform and a darker blue one. I haven't gotten a pic of me in the dark blue yet. That's Fridays though so maybe then.

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Love the scrubs, I may have to have a pair, they look so comfy.
And what did Medicare say? You all need help NOW not tomorow, after all there is food to buy.
Darn state beauaracy. (sic) Government.

By Blogger Sue, at 4/1/10, 2:52 PM  

You look Maaarvelous, love the light blue on you. I would go crazy with plain scrubs we can wear anything we want for scrubs so fun...

By Blogger Mashelle, at 4/1/10, 5:45 PM  

Still waiting on the call back mom.
Shell on Sundays I can wear whatever scrubs I want. I just don't have any other ones lol.

By Blogger Kristina, at 4/2/10, 6:02 AM  

We'll have to get together and send you a cute scrub shirt, tell us the size and someday when I have money I'll surprise you! Seriously...size...

Okay onto J. I know you are worried, I would be too, but from what I read it's most likely it's fairly common in kids. I am sure the little guy will be okay but know we are praying! Happy almost birthday to Kiara, because I'll surely forget in a few days!

By Blogger Sheri, at 4/2/10, 7:24 PM  

Oh what do you work? Full time? Part time? Hours? Just curious.

By Blogger Sheri, at 4/2/10, 7:24 PM  

Came looking for pics of the newest 5 year old!!!! Happy belated birthday Sweetie!!

By Blogger Sheri, at 4/7/10, 5:46 AM  

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