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Monday, April 18, 2011


So I think the kids are accepted into a new school starting in the Fall. It's a public charter school, that has max class size of 20 fro 5th n down and 25 for 6 n up. They are suppose to be very high tech. As in Evans grade textbook are mostly on the computer. I think this would help him immensely. That and the small class sizes. Well will help all the kiddos. Evan will only be there for a year, it only goes to 8th, but I figure it is an important year. The one before high school, and he needs to not be in the school he is in now. Too many kids not enough teachers and honestly a few of the teachers could give a care less. Evan was not going back next year period we decided. So it is either this school or one of those online ones at home. Which why it might be good for him academically as well, I don't think it would be good socially. He is way to shy to home-school. I say I think because I sent the packet off a few weeks ago and sent them a email last night asking what happens now and they responded saying they received my children's packets and that we will be getting a welcome packet in about a month. Which makes me think they are in. Right? Anyway. They are remodeling a old church to be the school. I hope they get it done by fall. The school sounds awesome. Though they said at this time they don't have band... That kinda worries me. But I suppose 1 year off won't hurt. i will make him practice at home I guess. Though I think he wants to move to drums.

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